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I love the thrill of speaking to a live audience!

I am a confident keynote speaker and conference host. I try to bring my balance of teacher concentration blended with light humour. I have hosted events for Pearson Education, Mayor of London’s City Hall and the British Library.

I have spoken at many literary and science festivals, and more informal events at museums and theatres, such as the Science Museum and even an Academy Award (Oscars) screening.

Although most of my talks are about maths, I also do inspiring talks to students to enthuse them about their studies. I am confident enough to do talks on almost anything (from the maths of dating to my love for football!)

I enjoy speaking in a variety of different institutions and hosting/chairing events too.



I have spoken at local schools in Newham and further afield such as Norwich School and Watford Grammar School.



I love speaking to audiences at festivals including Bluedot and Lichfield. I’m due to do my first TEDx talk in January 2020 at Kingston.



I use my blend of confidence, humour and personality to host events such as for Pearson Education, Mayor of London’s City Hall


Keynote speaker

I’ve spoken as the keynote speaker at many conferences including Now Teach.


After Dinner Speaker

I can bring a sense of fun to an event having been an after dinner speaker to organisations such as the British University Finance Directors Group.

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